The Company has been formed to undertake an acquisition of a target company or business. There is no specific expected target value for the acquisition and the Company expects that any funds not used for the acquisition will be used for future acquisitions, internal or external growth and expansion of the acquired business, purchase of outstanding debt, and working capital in relation to the acquired company or business.

Following completion of an acquisition, the objective of the Company is expected to be to operate the acquired business and implement an operating strategy with a view to generating value for Shareholders through operational improvements as well as potentially through additional complementary acquisitions following the acquisition.

The Company’s efforts in identifying a prospective target company or business will not be limited to a particular industry or geographic region. The Directors believe that the Company offers flexible and attractive capital to potential target companies or businesses and offers strong operational expertise coupled with an efficient and expeditious acquisition process.

Country of Incorporation:

British Virgin Islands

Please note that the rights of shareholders in Anemoi International Ltd, registered in the British Virgin Islands, may be different from the rights of shareholders in a company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

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British Virgin Islands

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